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“Very good burgers and good service. My family always gets the Crown Royal Burger ... it has a fried egg on the burger. All Burgers include UNLIMITED French fries. Get the deep fried pickles appetizer. So far they are the best that I have tried in the Peoria area. Update to my review ... I have had their American Salad multiple times now, and it is really good. I wouldn't normally get a salad at a burger place, but was trying to eat a little healthier, and let my son still be able to enjoy their burgers.”

Ducky L., Washington, IL

“I came in on a Friday evening, and it was busy, but not over crowded. The building is very obviously an old Pizza Hut, providing some space but not much ambiance. The wait staff was friendly and very attentive to us.The food was outstanding! I had a Kaydee Kat burger which is a blend of angus beef and bacon, and I used bleu cheese, barbecue sauce, onion, tomato, and something called “boom boom sauce.” It was delectable. So much flavor in this burger. The fries were quite good too, very fresh, and you get as many of them as you want. My wife ordered a chicken “burger” sandwich with mushrooms, onions, and “a little boom boom on the side,” which sounds like euphemism for an extra-marital affair. Her food was pretty good too, but not as flavorful as the beef/bacon blend. The sign in front compares it to Five Guys, saying “Five Guys Who?” and while I was skeptical, I think it delivered. I will DEFINITELY be returning to have this burger again and probably to try one of the yummy looking pizzas.”

Daniel S., Peoria, IL

“Well. Consider me confused. Having read the reviews, I was expecting good food and questionable service. I got great food and particularly attentive service. So either the lunch crew is different from the night crew, or there’s been particular attention paid to the quality of service in the last month. In any case, I’m reviewing my experience, so here goes. I ordered a teriyaki pineapple burger, Kaydee style, which here means…bacon. Why not, you know? Bacon and pineapple are a grilled match in heaven, I say. There was a lot to like about this burger. The bun wasn’t particularly memorable, but it tasted good. What was memorable? The pineapple in the burger, which tasted like it was marinated with the teriyaki and a mayo-based mixture that had just the right amount of spice for the burger. To my pleasant surprise, the burger wasn’t aggravatingly sweet; which can happen when you cook with the cheap stuff in the bottle. No, this tasted very much like homemade. The meat was moist, and the bacon had some sort of treatment that was explained in great detail, and I forgot most of it. It tasted great, and more to the point, as good as or better than what I typically grill at home. Good job. The sweet potato fries were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. A pinch of salt and they were just right. My wife got chicken with BBQ sauce, ranch and cheddar. The chicken was pretty clearly brined, because it was very moist and was not at all bland. I had just a few bites, but that’s enough for me to tell the difference between chicken grilled to oblivion, and a good tasting chicken breast. Service wasn’t exactly superb, but they checked up on us every 7-10 minutes or so and kept our glasses full. I didn’t think any of the servers were rude, and they made sure we were satisfied with our meal. They seemed friendly and recognized my mother-in-law…and chatted her up. Not sure what else I would ask for. At roughly $13 per plate, Kaydee Kats is an excellent addition to the Peoria Heights downtown area. The interior is a bit…interesting…it has many remnants of the old Pizza Hut that used to be in that location, but in spite of all the windows, the carpet and ceiling are colored black. Which sure makes it feel dark in there. That’s a tiny quibble though. I would most certainly encourage everyone living in Peoria to give this place a run.”

Robert G., Carol Stream, IL

“My wife and I have eaten at Kaydee Kats several times and that is unusual for us. We like to try new places often but we keep going back because it is so good. We have had really good to excellent service every time and the food is always great. In my opinion you cannot get a better burger in the Peoria area, as well as the best fried pickles. We have also had their pizzas a few times and found them to be great also. Lots of different toppings, I am not a fan of sweet sauces so I always ask for regular. It is a great place to stop for a burger and a beer!”

Rick R., Peoria Heights, IL

“My review is for take-out only so I can’t comment on the waitstaff but when I stopped in to pick up my pizza to-go, there were quite a few tables full and it was Tuesday so I take that as a good sign! I was in the mood for pizza and not some old pepperoni and cheese either. I got on their website and started scrolling through their gourmet pizza choices. There were a LOT of yummy sounding ones! The Pesto chicken (bleu cheese and bacon in addition to the pesto and chicken) caught my eye and I called in my order. They only make one size of pizza so I asked what size it was and she first said it is for one person and then told me it is 6 “good-sized” pieces. There must be a lot of people for whom 6 pieces of pizza is a single meal but I am not one of them so I was happy for the option of making a second meal of cold pizza. I was there promptly in 15 minutes and my pizza was hot and ready to go. Almost $12 with tax and I was impressed at first glance in the car at the truly good-sized 6 pieces waiting for me. There was just a hint of the bleu cheese but the pesto was awesome and there was plenty of white meat chicken chunks too. The onion was finely chopped and amply spread under the cheese. On top of the cheese were delicious crumbles of very crunchy bacon bits – REAL bacon bits! This was a very decadent pie between the bacon and the bleu cheese but I managed to put away 3 slices and finish off the rest cold the next day. Not bad for $12 bucks! I will definitely keep them on the top of my list for my next pizza craving. Like so many other places in this area, they are closed on Sunday which is soooooo disappointing. If there is one day of the week I want to veg out and not cook, it is Sunday. The places that are open are so few and far between.”

Jen B., Peoria, IL

“Probably one of the better burgers in town. And yes, I’ve been to all of them – Ludys, Jim’s Bistro, Burger Barge, Ulrichs (old Sullivan’s). Ranks right up there. Please don’t compare it to the greasy, smelly chain Five Guys. Kaydee’s is better. We went here on a tip from a friend without any preconceptions. Ordered the blended burger with bacon “the Kaydee Kat.” Very flavorful. I’d give it 5 stars, if they’d have dressed the place up a bit, but you can’t go wrong by starting out with good food. Service was fine. I want to go back and try their pizza. Lastly, we also judge a restaurant based on the cleanliness of their restrooms in addition to the food. This place has very clean restrooms.”

Brad E., Peoria, IL

“I would confess that when I first drove by Kaydee Kats and saw “gourmet” on the sign when the place was being remodeled prior to opening, I rolled my eyes and assumed it probably wouldn’t last long. The term “gourmet” has been so overused in marketing that it has become hard to believe it when you see it. Despite my doubts, once the open sign lit up I decided to give it a shot. Here we are a handful of months later and I visit Kaydee Kats frequently. Probably once a week or more. It is without a doubt one of my favorite places to eat, and I hope to see them enjoy sustained success for years to come. If I were to move out of town tomorrow, this is the place I would speak fondly of and insist on visiting any time I was back for the holidays. I usually tend to find one or two things on any menu that I like and stick to them, but I’ve tried many things at Kaydee Kats and have never been disappointed. In fact, I’ve been pleasantly surprised each time I’ve ventured away from my favorite pizza (the Carne) and have developed much of my appreciation for this place by discovering that literally everything on the menu is damn good. They have a few different sauces for their pizzas, all of which are delicious. Their crust is light and flavorful, and you can tell they use premium meats and cheeses. Their burgers are fantastic too. I’m especially fond of the fact that they give you an option of having your burger served on a ciabatta bun. And if you have never had a burger with a fried egg on it, you have not lived. I doubt anyone could find a restaurant that has gone without a complaint about service at some point. The concerns of the other reviewers here may have been warranted at the time, but I can honestly say that I’ve received fantastic service every single time I’ve walked in the door at Kaydee Kats. I started going there not long after it opened, and I’ve never had an excessive wait for my food. I’ve been noticing some of the servers are people I recognize from other restaurants I’ve been to in the past, so clearly the owner is making an effort to hire more experienced staff. Either way, I couldn’t say a bad word about this place. Not about the food, and not about the service. Their prices are even quite reasonable considering the quality of the food. From top to bottom, it is one of the best restaurants in town. If you haven’t tried it yet you are missing out.”

Tyson S., Peoria, IL

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